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That Space Podcast

Jan 3, 2023

On this episode, I talk to Laura Forczyk, who is on a mission to empower businesses, governments, nonprofits, and professionals around the world to succeed in the rapidly growing space-sector.

Spanning her nearly 20-year career in space, as a scientist, analyst, author and now small business owner, Laura is leveraging her experiences to help others navigate the space sector so they can find their place within it. We talk about her background working with startups and how that experience led to her starting her own business, the inspiration behind her book, Becoming Off Worldy, and the plans for an upcoming book, and how she has become a trusted thought leader to news outlets, including BBC, Forbes, Fox, NPR and others.

If you are curious about advancing or transitioning your career in the space sector, I highly encourage you to tune-in to our conversation.