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That Space Podcast

Jan 17, 2023

On this episode, I talk to Meagan Crawford who is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SpaceFund, a venture capital company focused on funding space startups.

Much of what you see today regarding the commercialization of space can be traced to Meagan’s work advising and investing in space startups, since before it was cool to do so!

SpaceFund’s portfolio companies are some of the most recognizable names in new space including SpaceX, Axiom Space, Orbit Fab, and Made In Space, among others.

We talk about how an unexpected conversation in college inspired her on this path, how timing plays a key role in technology and investment, why she founded the now longest standing space business plan challenge in the world, we compare asteroids to floating snowballs, define what the real space economy is, where she sees the development of space heading beyond LEO and how we are living in an opportune time with the convergence of so many industries.

If you are fascinated by the business of space and are curious to learn as much as you can about this rapidly growing sector like I am, you will love this conversation.