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That Space Podcast

Jul 28, 2020

Raphael is the founder of E2MC Space Ventures and possesses a unique blend of space and financial expertise. He has twenty years of global financial markets experience at investment banks and hedge funds, and has also been a fintech entrepreneur in Brazil. Since 2017 he has been involved in the space sector as an advisor and investor. He holds degrees in Space Studies from the International Space University, Finance from the Wharton School and Machine Learning from PUC-Rio. 

We talked to Raphael about how his company, E2MC, leverages their blend of technical and financial experience to advise investors and companies in the new space economy, how he got into the space industry and where it has taken him, which areas he foresees the most growth, how he plans to make it to space himself, and his work with the Space4Impact initiative. Raphael also hosts a podcast called ‘The Space Business Podcast’ where he interviews space entrepreneurs and learns about their company/technology.