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That Space Podcast

Jun 7, 2020

We interviewed Alyssa Carson, the youngest astronaut in training whose life time goal is to walk on Mars.
Alyssa has been to more summer space camps than anyone ever, sat on a panel at 12 years old for for the NASA Mars Exploration Rover, is the youngest applicant accepted into the NASA Advanced Possum Academy, has given several TED Talks, and written a book.
As part of the titled #MarsGeneration, Alyssa has become more than an aspiring young woman with dreams of traveling in space. She has become a brand ambassador for companies such as Nike, Soda Stream, and Horizon Studios Luggage. Her Soda Stream ad was even featured during the Super Bowl.
We had the chance to speak with Alyssa about her goals for reaching Mars and what it might look like when she arrives, what she thinks about Elon Musk and the commercialization of space, the importance of international collaboration in space, and how she intends to keep space cool, relevant, present, and exciting.
Follow her on twitter and instagram on @nasablueberry